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Book 3 in the

Thistle Hill series


Ivy Millbrook has lusted after Seth Walker from the moment they met, but he’s made it clear he’s a commitment kind of guy, so they’re stuck pretending friendship is enough. The situation gets intense when Ivy’s family legacy encounters one crisis after another and she’s faced with the prospect of losing it all. Now she has no choice but to accept help from the man it hurts too much to be around.


Single father Seth Walker is all about family, and he knows that scares the hell out of Ivy. His two kids scare her even more. He’s loved her for what seems like forever, and it bugs the hell out of him that she’s determined to keep things casual. He knows full well the only reason she’s letting him help out at the farm is because she’s desperate, but then again, so is he.


Maybe showing her how good they can be together—in and out of the bedroom—will convince her to stop with the propositioning so he can get on with the proposing?

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