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Book 2 in the

Thistle Hill series

PR Manager Allison Kincaid is already struggling to cope with a chauvinistic boss, a narcissistic mother, and a ruthless loan shark, and now she has to add asshat ex-lover to the list. With her job on the line, she’s forced to beg her arrogant ex for a favor on behalf of the company.


That ex is Joe Gallahan, who turned his back on a lucrative but soul-sucking career to honor the memory of his brother and their dream to run an inn. Instead of joining him, his coworker-turned-girlfriend joined forces with the company instead, and together they screwed him over.


Now Joe welcomes the chance to get even. He offers Allison a deal—he’ll grant the favor if she helps renovate his motel from hell. Allison is irate, but stuck, and grudgingly trades in her designer duds for a pair of coveralls. Joe enjoys his revenge, until he realizes he’s enjoying having Allison around even more. And Allison finds herself wondering what it might be like to try again, with this not-so-self-involved version of Joe, who suddenly seems determined to fix more than his motel.


But renovations can be a risky business, and as Allison and Joe deal with more than one unexpected threat, they wonder if they ever will get that second chance. Or is the damage they’ve already done beyond repair?

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