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Book 4 in the

Thistle Hill series


City cop Vaughn Fulton regrets his temporary gig with the Thistle Hill Sheriff’s Department the moment he meets his gorgeous, grumpy boss Lily Tate. Instantly he recognizes she’ll give him trouble—the professional kind and the heart kind. Lily just can’t accept that she deserves to be served and protected like she serves and protects the offbeat residents of Thistle Hill, and that has Vaughn falling for her, fast.


But Sheriff Lily Tate resents the hell out of the cocky new deputy she suspects wants her job. Yes, he’s sexy, but he’s also too smart for his own damned good. For her own damned good. Lily is known for taking chances while wearing the badge, but no way she’ll risk her battered heart.


Then danger stalks the department, and Lily and Vaughn partner up to shut it down. They work so well together that Lily finds herself falling for her newest deputy—and they land in her bed. But Vaughn is headed back to the city, and Lily can’t imagine leaving Thistle Hill.


So she must decide—hang onto everything she’s worked so hard to protect, or let it all go and take a chance on love?

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