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cover of The Long Way Home, book 1 of the contemporary romance series Thistle Hill

Book 1 in the

Thistle Hill series


Corporal Reid MacFarland is desperate to make amends for the mistake that will haunt him for the rest of his life. But his overtures to the woman he made a widow are rejected, again and again, and it’s looking like he’ll never get the chance to make things right.


Single mother Parker Dean is struggling, not only to raise her daughter on her own, but to keep the family business from going under. The last thing she needs is help from the man responsible for her husband’s death—until circumstances force her to accept the soldier’s offer.


As Parker and Reid work side by side, hurts begin to heal and Reid finds himself believing that Parker might forgive him after all. Except now he wants more than forgiveness—he wants her heart. But what are his chances, when he’s already broken it?

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